Overture Ventures is a premiere consulting service who works to realize the goals of individuals and startups and prepares them to get the money they need to grow their business.


Overture Ventures is an organization dedicated to growing Canadian entrepreneurs and setting them up for success at their earliest stages. By helping you understand your business, the market you’re chasing and how to find financing, we’ll get you prepared to bring your “A game” when it’s time to raise money.

Our team consists of both “venture brains” and “founder brains”. So we can help you understand the key components of starting a successful business as well as the information you’re going to need to be “financing ready”. Physically located in Kingston, Ontario, our team is very much a product of the digital age and can connect with you wherever you are.


Feasibility Study

Have an idea and think it might make a great business? We can help you quickly identify whether it’s an idea that’s growable, sustainable or if it’s time to go back to the drawing board (we can help you with that, too)!

Term Sheet Evaluation

So you’ve been given a term sheet. Congrats! We can help you evaluate a term sheet to ensure the interests of you and your investors are protected and aligned for success.

Business Plan

If you’re looking for an investment, at some point, someone is going to ask you for one of these. What are they and how do you write one that stands out? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Market Sizing

If you’re looking for venture financing, you’re going to need to be chasing a big market! If you’re not looking to get venture financing, you’ll still need to know who your customers are and how many of them are out there. Let us help you figure out how big your market is and who the key competitors are.

Financing Consulting

This goes beyond simply “pitch” coaching (we can do that, too!). There is a lot of work that needs to be done before you even approach a potential investor. We can help you research investors in your industry or region and can give you the tools for how to approach potential investors. We may even be able to introduce you to some investors, if there’s a right fit!


“Overture Ventures has been a brilliant resource to the professional development of our startup, OrchestraPlus. Their appreciation of our core values instantly created a dialogue of trust and commitment. Throughout the process, Overture Ventures expertly guided our rough drafts and proposals into clear, strategic goals with progress checkpoints to keep our efforts on track. The perspective gained by working with Overture Ventures has helped establish the large-scale structure of our organization, while also clarifying our next actionable steps on our startup journey. We couldn’t be more pleased with the services we received and will seek to work with them in future endeavours.”

Amelia Shiels
Founder and Executive Director, OrchestraPlus

Honey Bee Meals is startup meal delivery business, and Overture Ventures helped us to identify our target market and guide our growth process. They also formulated a comprehensive outreach and marketing plan for business development. Throughout the process, I found the consultants to be extremely passionate, knowledgable and hard working.

Amy Sherman
Founder and CEO, Honey Bee Meals





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